Owen is a bright, air-conditioned room with a small kitchenette and has a door that opens out onto our charming garden, which is ideal for quiet activities.
  • Access to the hidden garden
  • Own kitchenette in the room
  • Approximately 10m x 4m, Owen is located on the Lower Ground Floor.
  • It can seat 30 in a theatre-style set up or 12, boardroom-style, around a table.
  • Ideal for quieter activities such as yoga classes, day time meetings

Cost per hour:  £37 residents | £45 voluntary sector | £57 standard
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We have made great use of the Owen Room. This room provides us with a large area to cover lots of the practical aspects of our programmes. We have used to room to run our MEND Teens Programmes which allows for us to have plenty of room to delivery theory subjects to the group with space to seat many but also room to delivery some of the practical elements of the programme such as fitness circuits or assembling healthy treats/meals."

- Jared Gray - Programme Coordinator


"Owen Room has been an ideal option for our nursery class since September 2014. With its spaciousness, natural light and easy access to the garden and kitchenette, this room is perfect for our activities with children."

- Patrik Čuchta​, Slovak School


All of our rooms are named after notable characters in Fitzrovia's history. We are proud of our local heritage.

File:Portrait of Robert Owen (1771 - 1858) by John Cranch, 1845.jpg


Robert Owen (1771 – 1858) was an industrialist, philanthropist and social reformer. He was one of the founding members of the Co-operative movement and lived on Charlotte Street.